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Join the expert testers - your opinion is what matters. Know your way around the shops in a new place, share, like, tag and discover - Sosho is a social community for fashion enthusiasts, labels and retailers. It matches you with items that fit your exclusive style, learns continuously and makes sure you only get what you’re after. Sign up now and become one of our expert testers.

“Imagine you’re in Helsinki. Plenty of good design and fashionable accessories can be had here. But how do you get your hands on the slickest items? Sosho guides you to all the coolest places.”

Teemu Kinos, Creator of Sosho

Sosho is a fashion discovery app with a social community. You discover, like, comment and tag what tickles your curiosity, and the app learns about your personal style. Sosho guides you to all the coolest places to shop and keeps you up to speed about what’s new.